Go On A Scavenger Hunt For "Lincoln's Lost Treasure" in Gettysburg, Penn.


Photo: Flickr Frank Kovalchek

Looking for a little adventure on your next trip to Gettysburg?  Lincoln’s Lost Treasure in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, provides low-cost entertainment for the masses. Suited for all activity levels, just a couple of hours long, and super fun for all — just like being in your own adventure movie!

Part theatre, Part Adventure, Part Mystery
The streets of Gettysburg serve as a backdrop for our unique story, told with elements of improv theatre and scavenger hunt. Put on your sleuthing gear, as Gettysburg becomes a road-map to fun, laughter and suspense.

Hired by a wealthy, eccentric entrepreneur, you are thrust into a mission that puts you in the centre of a quest to uncover the secret treasure Lincoln left behind.

Lincoln’s Lost Treasure is a live two and a half hour adventure through the streets of historic Downtown Gettysburg.

Almost like stepping into your own action movie, individuals or groups of up to 6 or 8 people are sent on a thrilling and entertaining quest to uncover a lost secret sparked by President Lincoln’s final breath. 

Aided by a few historical artifacts and LIVE cast members, you are sent off to piece together hidden clues that can unravel the location to treasury gold that has been lost for over a century. 

Encountering eccentric and engaging cast members, decoding cryptic clues, and dodging FBI agents out to foil your mission, you and friends traverse the city’s famous streets, hidden shops and historical landmarks discovering that Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address holds the key to a national treasure.

Price: $29.22 – $38.95

When: Sundays: Every 45 minutes, 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm | Tours run June 6th through October 31

For tickets, call 1-800-838-3006 or visit LincolnsLostTreasure.com.


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