The New Lincoln Has A Feature That Will Make Parking At The Mall A Breeze

Seinfeld parking garageYouTube ScreenshotNo more hours wandering the mall parking lot looking for your car.

Ford unveiled the 2015 Lincoln MKC today, the second step in its plan to revive the lagging luxury brand.

The small SUV looks good from what we’ve seen, and it comes with one feature we really like: an app that can start, lock, unlock, and even locate the car.

There are plenty of apps that let you find your car. Usually you have to set your location before walking away, then GPS can guide you back.

The MyLincoln Mobile app is a cut above that, since the MKC’s built-in connectivity is always on, so the app can always find the car.

That can make a big difference in the big parking garage at the mall, which is where most MKCs will likely spend a lot of their time.

Another cool feature in the MKC: Its “park-out assist technology” will help drivers pull out of tight spots without marking up anyone’s bumper — another plus in a crowded mall lot.

Here’s the MKC:

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