English soccer fans waved inflatable penises at a match to mock a club owner for tweeting a naked photo

  • Inflatable penises could be seen during Lincoln City’s 1-1 draw at Notts County on Saturday.
  • Fans organised the phallic display to mock the County owner Alan Hardy, who had accidentally tweeted an inappropriate photograph.
  • Hardy apologised for the photo, put the club up for sale, and seemingly deactivated his Twitter account as it can no longer be found online.
  • Soccer fans were not quick to forget, and waved the penises during the game.
  • The stunt even raised over £1,000 ($US1,300) for a prostate charity.

Lincoln City soccer fans waved inflatable penises in the middle of a match as a way of mocking a club owner who recently tweeted an inappropriate photograph.

It all began on Sunday, January 27 when the Notts County soccer club owner Alan Hardy got himself in hot water for posting a screenshot that appeared to show him completely naked in the bathtub.

He quickly deleted the sensitive photo, apologised, and then announced he would sell Notts County. Though he later insisted the two incidents were not related, the club remains for sale. Hardy has also apparently deactivated his Twitter account as it can no longer be found online.

Soccer fans, though, are not quick to forget and Lincoln City supporters took inflatable penises, penis masks, and what looked like blown-up condoms to Meadow Lane in Nottingham when the team played Notts County in a League Two match on Saturday. Lincoln left County with a 1-1 draw, but the real story was found in the crowd.

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Here is one of the Lincoln City fans:

The stunt raised over £1,000 ($US1,300) for charity

Some good came out of the phallic display, as the stunt reportedly raised money for a prostate charity in England.

According to Lincolnshire Live, one fan, Jack Mulhall, said: “Hopefully Alan Hardy will forgive the mass of inflatables” as “it would be good to make something out of the unfortunate incident.”

Mulhall, together with fellow fan, Danny Nesbitt, set up a Just Giving page to raise money for prostate cancer.

“Following on from the laughter Alan’s Twitter has provided us with, Danny Nesbitt had the wonderful idea of raising some money for a good cause,” the campaign said. “It’s quite simple, Alan got his little man out… let’s raise money for the little men!”

At the time of publishing, the campaign had raised exactly £1,353.81 ($US1,772.46).

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