Limited Edition Star Trek Monopoly Game to woo the Klingon in you

If you have always screamed in rage, like a true blooded Klingon should while negotiating for deals in Monopoly – then you may have made other players feel that you are a bit looney. Thankfully, with the Star Trek Monopoly – each player is a geek, just like you and is bound to understand what the hype is all about.


The Klingon limited edition will have just 1,701 editions and are only available for pre-order upto September 30th. Available from on pre-order, the amount of detail (as seen in the video) that has gone into crafting this game is simply fabulous.

As a special feature, the limited edition shall also include a 1/6th scale Chancellor’s Cane from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, box art & Klingon Empire proclamation. The individual pieces are yet to be unveiled but a lot of work has gone into crafting them to exact detail.

The Rich Times