LIVE: Limelight Networks (LLNW) Q3 Earnings Analysis

Release, Webcast

Quick take:
Solid revenue growth (67% y/y) but costs double and operating/net loss explodes. Shares immediately tank around 12% after hours, now inching back up.

Key Stats:

  • Revenue: $29.2 million (up 67% y/y)
  • Operating Income: $5.4 million loss
  • Net Income: $3.13 million loss
  • Diluted EPS: -4 cents

Conference Call Notes:

  • 5:19 Q&A. Earlier notes after jump.
  • 5:20 Why being conservative with guidance? High variability in industry. Also consulting revenue helped boost Q3.
  • 5:22 Where’s all the deferred revenue coming from? Licensing deal with Microsoft.
  • 5:23 Why did capex come in low? Slowdown partly because enjoying some of benefits of new software and better servers. Still running similar utilization: low to mid 20s.
  • 5:27 When will HD revenue be meaningful? Hard to predict. Not giving any specific guidance around 2008 yet. Estimate sometime in ’08, but not sure when. Way too many variables to give forecast. See it driving traffic growth as we mentioned already — increase in bit rates.
  • 5:31 Substantial progress in reducing account churn. So much we don’t see ourselves doing it every quarter!
  • 5:35 Akamai trial around Feb. 11. $300,000 in Q3 expense for litigation.
  • 5:43 Lots back-and-forth about guidance. No news here. Highly variable business. Basically: don’t assume too much!
  • 5:03 “Good morning.” Good morning?
  • 5:03 What’s driving LLNW? More hunger for content. More ads online.
  • 5:05 CDN customers offering up higher quality video growing faster than low quality. That’s nice, but how does volume look?
  • 5:07 Raising guidance. Added TiVo, Godtube,, other key new customers.
  • 5:09 Revenue numbers, etc. See release.
  • 5:10 988 customers; 200 net adds (contract), 112 (revenue generating)
  • 5:14 Guidance: Q4 Rev $28 million – $30 million
  • 5:16 LimelightHD: Fox, Brightcove will use this service. Lots of marketing-speak nonsense. Will our Internet be fast enough?

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