Limbaugh: Maybe The Conservative Alternative To Romney Is ... Romney

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Earlier this morning we told you that Jeb Bush was endorsing Mitt Romney after his win in the GOP Illinois primary last night. It seemed like a sign that the Republican establishment was rallying around the man they regard as the presumptive nominee. 

Well this afternoon, shortly after he opened his show, Rush Limbaugh seemed to be coming around to Romney, and trying to take his audience with him. 

He played a clip from the speeches last night. 

ROMNEY:  Every great innovation, every world-changing business breakthrough begins with a dream, and nothing is more fragile than a dream.  The genius of America is that we nurture those dreams and the dreamers.  We honour them.  And, yes, we reward them.  That’s part of what’s uniquely brilliant about America.  But day by day — job-killing regulation by job-killing regulation, bureaucrat by bureaucrat — this president is crushing the dream and the dreamers, and I will make sure that finally ends.

SUPPORTERS: (wild cheering and applause)

RUSH:  Right on.  Right on.  Right on.  So maybe the conservative alternative to Romney is Romney.  Let’s hope so.  It all boils down to whether he means this.  It’s that simple.  Here’s Santorum talking about this.  In fact, Santorum last night at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, said he was glad to see Romney moving to the right.

It seems only a matter of time before all the organs of the conservative movement–talk radio, the magazines, and websites–join in to rally around the presumptive nominee. 

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