‘Riverdale’ star Lili Reinhart loves fast food and pizza — here’s what she likes to eat

Lili Reinhart is outspoken about her love of food. Mike Coppola/Getty

  • “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart is vocal about what she loves to eat.
  • She says she loves fast-casual food, such as Chipotle, Domino’s pizza, and chicken tenders.
  • Reinhart has also been outspoken about critics who try to shame her about her weight or what she eats.
  • She will often respond to people online who criticise her weight and has been open about having body dysmorphia.

“Riverdale star” Lili Reinhart is an advocate for body positivity and positive body image. She has been outspoken against Photoshop and has also spoken candidly about struggling with body dysmorphia.

The 22-year-old actress also has a relatable love for all things fast food. Reinhart often talks about her love for fast food, such as Domino’s and Chipotle, on social media.

Ultimately, she tries to maintain a healthy perspective when it comes to food and dieting.

Reinhart has talked about her love of Chipotle, chicken tenders, pizza, and other fast food

A Chipotle burrito. chipotle/Instagram

“My diet’s pretty terrible, which isn’t great, but it’s like I figure food makes me happy when I eat what I want so I’m not going to be miserable and kind of limit myself,” she told Elle in an interview, adding that she tries to exercise to offset the balance.

In the same interview, Reinhart said that she always goes to breakfast while “Riverdale” is shooting, and she loves to order eggs benedict with hash browns. She said she’s not picky when it comes to lunch, and that her favourite meal by far is dinner.

“[Dinner is] where I eat a lot of my Chipotle and pizza and whatever else I can get my hands on,” she shared with Elle. When it comes to the kind of pizza she loves, Reinhart frequently references Domino’s pizza on Twitter.

She also has a very specific love for Chinese take-out

Reinhart has frequently shared her love for Chinese food, even posting a makeup tutorial eating fried wontons in her bathroom.

The actress said on Twitter that she typically craves Chinese food when she’s feeling under the weather. “Do you crave weird or specific foods when you’re sick?” she asked followers. “I find that every time I’m under the weather, I want Chinese food.”

She also name-dropped the cuisine in a viral tweet about her relationship with “Riverdale” co-star Cole Sprouse.

Just like all of us, she also has a sweet tooth

In 2017, Reinhart expressed her love of sugar to BuzzFeed. When asked what she couldn’t live without, she answered with “sugar.”

“When I don’t eat sugar, my body literally shakes. It’s not something I’m proud of,” the “Riverdale” star said.

The “Riverdale” stars Twitter account also seems to back up her love of sweets. Reinhart seems to be a big fan of chocolate and Halloween candy – just like the rest of us.

Reinhart has been criticised by people for her weight in the past, but she doesn’t let it affect her

Reinhart is a frequent champion of body positivity and sharing with fans her struggle with body dysmorphia.

“Feeling really disheartened by the fact that so many people are saying ‘you’re skinny so shut up about embracing [sic] your body.’ As if my body dysmorphia is irrelevant because of how I look to some people,”she tweeted in 2018.

She also is not afraid at hitting back at critics who try to make her feel bad about her body or weight. In May 2017, a now-deleted Twitter account body shamed Reinhart, but the actress was quick to respond. Reinhart posted to Twitter responding with, “Thank you so much for being concerned about my weight. I’ll respond later after I finish my double cheeseburger ????”


On her Instagram story that day, she said,“my response is basically, don’t let anyone f—— tell you what you can and can’t eat.”

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