Turns Out That Skateboarding Accident Wasn’t All Bad Publicity For Lil’ Wayne

Lil Wayne

[credit provider=”Getty Images/billboard.com”]

Just four days after Lil’ Wayne’s skateboarding accident that landed him in the hospital with nine stitches, his new song debuted at number one on the digital-download charts.The song, called “She Will,” which features Drake, opened with 255,000 downloads.

The rapper appears to be recuperating fine, judging from this tweet (and the fact that he’s tweeting at all):

“Thx to u all for the concern but pls know that I will eventually take even harder falls if I wanna get better…and I will. KC I’m on my way.”

Fair enough, as long as he’s wearing a helmet — perhaps one custom-built to fit over a New Era flat-brim.