Lil Wayne Settles Rolling Stones Lawsuit

Remember back in July when the Rolling Stones’s publishing company Abkco sued Lil Wayne for copyright infringement, charging that his “Playing With Fire” was too similar to the Stones’s “Play With Fire”? The two sides have finally reached a settlement, and while the terms are confidential, it seems like Lil Wayne caved.

He’s removed “Playing With Fire” from his multiplatinum album Tha Carter III, apparently to avoid having to lose any royalties from online sales. This suggests that Abkco might get a portion of “Playing With Fire”‘s royalties from early sales of the track. (Tha Carter III sold more than a million copies in its first week.)

We wouldn’t be surprised if the publishing company succeeded in this endeavour—not because the tracks sounded particularly similar; they didn’t. After all, they were the ones who forced the Verve to forfeit all royalties for “Bittersweet Symphony,” which Abkco found sampled too much of an orchestral version of the Stones’ “The Last Time.”

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