Lil Wayne Faces $1.3 Million Lawsuit For cancelling Concert


Just because you’re Lil Wayne, don’t think you can get away with repeatedly cancelling a concert.

The rapper backed out of a Rochester, NY gig three times over the past four months and now the promoter is suing him and his manager for $1.3 million according to the claim filed Friday in New York. The promoter, Edward Strickland, claims he advanced Wayne $100,000 in October and never got that money back.

Strickland says the last time he heard from Wayne was when he sent an e-mail cancelling the third appearance, blaming it on “the logistics of his band.”

Meanwhile, Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant offered a more detailed explanation to All Hip Hop for the cancellation at the time: “Now that Wayne’s doing these bigger shows, he wants to make sure that all of his fans are getting the same experience. It would have been too difficult to travel with the entire band, then turn around and head to Calgary the next day. We didn’t want the Rochester fans to get any less of a show because of logistics.” He also claimed the missed show will be added to the third leg of Wayne’s tour this spring.