Lil Wayne: My debut Super Bowl ad was ‘the illest idea ever’ — now I want to do more commercials

Lil Wayne pours champagne
Lil Wayne in the new Galaxy S7 ad. Samsung Mobile

Lil Wayne has said that his debut role in’s Super Bowl ad was “dope” and the “illest idea ever.”

He loved it so much that he’s now taken a new role in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 ad campaign. The rapper said he plans to do more acting in commercials in the future.

Adweek asked Lil Wayne if he’d like to be in more ads and he responded: “Hell yeah, I do … it was kind of different to have to actually follow the rules, and that was cool. Being on the set and knocking it out, it was fun.”

Lil Wayne also told Adweek how he had changed his persona for the acting roles: “I tried to do my best. I tried to do what they wanted me to do and not do Lil Wayne. I took that away from the situation and approached the scene as if I was just the guy that they chose to play this role.”

He added: “Oh, it was too fun. The finished product when you watch it back, it’s not bad. I was like, ‘whoa,’ like when I watch it back and I can forget that I’m watching myself that means that I did something good.” 

On the Super Bowl ad, Lil Wayne said: “That was dope. That was the illest idea ever. You know everybody watches the Super Bowl. I know people who don’t even know what football is and they’re going to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and for me to be involved in that, if I can’t perform at halftime, then I’m going to be in commercials.”

Here’s Lil Wayne in’s Super Bowl ad:

Lil Wayne is his latest acting role for Samsung:

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