Lil Nas X demanded an edit button and was taught how to meditate by Jack Dorsey during a goofy stunt as Twitter's 'CEO for the day'

Twitter Music on TwitterLil Nas X, left, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

In an eventful visit to Twitter headquarters, the artist behind the viral hit “Old Town Road” met with CEO Jack Dorsey and demanded the company add the much-requested edit button to the platform.

Twitter posted a video Monday showing Lil Nas X’s day at the company’s offices. The scripted, tongue-in-cheek video, posted with the caption “Old Town Road (CEO Edition),” shows the rapper sitting down with Dorsey, who hands Lil Nas X the company reins to serve as “CEO for the day.”

Dorsey shares some wisdom with Lil Nas X and teaches the rapper how to meditate, something Dorsey is an avid and outspoken fan of along with intermittent fasting and the rest of his stoic lifestyle. Dorsey shares with Lil Nas X that his salary as Twitter CEO is $US1.40, although he’s worth more than $US6 billion through shares he owns in the company.

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Jack Dorsey says Twitter needs to fully understand the ‘use cases’ of an edit button and can’t just ‘rush it out’

As Twitter’s figurative CEO, Lil Nas X has one major request that he shares with Twitter employees: an edit button. The request for a feature that would make your tweets editable is nothing new, and has long been something users have begged Twitter to add to the platform. Dorsey himself has said he’s been weighing the idea for “quite some time,” but has said Twitter has to be careful about rushing it out to avoid unintended “use cases” of it.

However, it appears Lil Nas X’s suggestion wasn’t followed by Twitter employees, many of whom the rapper told were fired as he roamed the offices in a cowboy hat adorned with Twitter’s blue bird logo.

Lil nas xTwitter Music on TwitterLil Nas X visits Twitter headquarters.

The video was a hit with Lil Nas X fans, but struck a false note with some observers who criticised the insouciant frivolity of the stunt at a time when Twitter is struggling to curb a flood of toxic content and misinformation on its platform.

In teasing his visit late last week to Twitter headquarters,Lil Nas X tweeted that “everyone must nae nae or be at risk for account suspension!” Actor Seth Rogen responded with a post asking the rapper to “Maybe do something about all the white supremacists” on Twitter, but Rogen later deleted the tweet.

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