How turned a screenshot into a shopper's heaven

American retail has taken a hit. Dwindling foot traffic has caused major retailers to close stores, forcing malls across the country to shut down.

In the wake of this shift within the retail industry, Amber Venz Box and husband Baxter launched, a social shopping service that links influencers’ Instagrams with ready-to-shop links. Since the service launched in 2014, consumers have purchased more than $US230 million in merchandise. It’s safe to say is revolutionising the fashion industry.

Beyond the rise of online shopping, retailers have also taken notice of the shift to digital and mobile and the importance of influencers on platforms like Instagram. Traditional marketing is no longer front and center, and brands are instead focusing on sponsoring influencers with products that are showing a return. has connected the two even further.

With more and more people connected to their phones and spending time looking at a mobile screen, the next step for was to create an app that expanded the user’s ability to shop the products as quickly and easily as possible.

The app, which launches March 6, allows users to put their screenshots to good use.

Whether finding photos to send back and forth to friends or save as inspiration or reminders while shopping, will turn the screenshots folder into something more.

When users screenshot influencer-created pics on social media and across the mobile web, the app will send a push notification to their phone with all of the shopable links in one place — no matter what platform or site the screenshot comes from.

Within the app, users will then be able to see all of their liked or screenshotted photos as well as discover curated channels and new influencers.

“ is the only technology that connects mobile social content to commerce and tracks sales cross-channel and on a global scale,” said founder Venz Box, “and it attracts an audience with purchase intent.”

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