These Heatmaps Of Facebook 'Likes' Show The Hidden Connection Between P&G and Bret Michaels

LikesterOne of Likester’s heatmaps.

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Facebook has 1 billion users, and between them they’ve created billions more “Likes,” indicating stuff they favour or have interacted with. What if you could see all that activity in the form of a series of heatmaps, indicating which fans like what, where they live, and who else they might also like?This month, a company called Likester will launch a new Facebook fan analytics product named “Likester Pro” that does just that.

It’s basically a dashboard that analyses Facebook’s vast trove of overlapping fan likes, and allows users to group fans together into bundles that can be targeted with ads. Likester Pro also allows users to buy and manage ad campaigns targeted against that data.

Lots of companies do this but Likester presents its data visually, in the form of heatmaps. Users can click on the maps to pull up any individual data point, and rank and sort the data any way they wish.

That’s how we found out the bizarre connection between Procter & Gamble’s Tide laundry detergent and Poison singer Bret Michaels …

This is the Like heatmap for Procter & Gamble's Tide detergent. P&G is one of Facebook's biggest advertisers. This info looks confusing but ...

Each circle represents another brand that people who like Tide have also liked. Thus, a lot of people who like Tide also like Starbucks. The nearer the top a circle is, the more overlapping likes there are. So P&G might consider targeting the 10,400-plus Starbucks fans who also like Tide with ads for Tide. But ...

P&G might be better off targeting Lysol fans. The brands in the red circles on the left (where Lysol fans are) are those who have a greater affinity than average for liking both Tide and another brand, in this case Lysol. Lysol is made by Reckitt Benckiser, one of P&G's competitors. The two brands have only 4,182 fans in common — fewer than Starbucks — but a greater likelihood than Starbucks fans to be overlapping fans. These fans, then, could be Tide's core target market on Facebook.

The nearer the bottom a circle is, the fewer overlapping likes there are. At the bottom left we find a blue circle of fans for the late rapper Tupac Shakur. There are 1,416 overlapping Tide and Tupac fans. And they have a low likelihood (affinity) of liking both Tide and Tupac. Sorry, Tupac!

In the bottom right corner there is a red circle of Charmin fans. There are only 1,445 overlapping fans, but they have a high likelihood of also being Tide fans. P&G also makes Charmin, so it should be easy for P&G to target Charmin fans with ads for Tide.

Here's the same data sorted by affinity (likelihood) score. One of the red circles in the upper right — Tide's hotspot for overlapping Facebook fans — is for Lysol fans. But note that the size of the circle represents the size of the Facebook fanbase. P&G might be interested in knowing who that big, light blue circle in the mid-left of the diagram belongs to ...

It's Walmart! Walmart has one of the biggest fanbases on Facebook, and it also sells Tide. Although the Tide-Walmart affinity isn't as high as it could be, there are 12,411 overlapping fans. So P&G might consider targeting Walmart fans with ads for Tide.

Likester allows you to sort the data by Facebook Page category. Here's the same data sliced for retail stores only. That big blue circle on the left is Walmart, of course, which has 12,000-plus Tide fans. But Walmart fans are not the most likely to be Tide fans. That honour belongs to Fashion Bug.

Here's the same data in the form of a groovy radar circle. Let's find out who else P&G might target for Tide ...

Well, well, well ... there's a pretty good overlap of Tide and Victoria's Secret fans. Underwear needs washing, of course — so maybe P&G could take advantage of that in a Facebook ad campaign targeting lingerie wearers?

But wait! Nelly fans have a greater affinity for Tide than VS fans do. Can you say, sponsored tour?

Not if Reba signs on with P&G first! Reba fans are more likely to also be Tide fans than Nelly's fans are. Sorry, Nelly!

This chart shows only Tide fans who also like bands and musicians. Turns out that the greatest music fan affinity for Tide is with neither Nelly nor Reba — it's with Bret Michaels of Poison! If P&G could sign up Bret to promote Tide on Facebook, the possibilities might be endless! Weirdly, that kinda already happened ...

Last year, The Onion wrote a satirical fake op-ed about a Bret Michaels viral video for Tide. P&G responded by creating this video of someone impersonating Bret Michaels for Tide ... which is why life on Facebook imitates art as far as Tide and Bret Michaels are concerned.

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