Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig seriously made a Lifetime movie -- here's the first trailer

Lifetime a deadly adoption teaser trailerLifetime, YouTubeFrom Left, Jessica Lowndes and Will Ferrell in Lifetime’s ‘A Deadly Adoption.’

The first teaser for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s Lifetime movie, “A Deadly Adoption,” has arrived.

For the past few months, the movie has been shrouded in controversy and some wondered if it would even air.

News of the project leaked earlier this year on April 1 aka April Fools Day. Apparently, Ferrell had wanted to make a Lifetime movie for some time and finally did it.

The day after the news broke, Ferrell, reportedly unhappy about the news leaking and wanting to keep the movie secret, denied that it was happening at all. That caused the media to report that the movie had been canceled and could have possibly been an April Fools joke.

Yet, despite the reports, I had learned that the movie was still on. After all, it had already wrapped shooting and Lifetime was going forward on releasing it as part of its 25th anniversary celebration of its TV movies this summer, according to my sources.

The rest of the world caught up when earlier this month, a billboard for the movie went up in Los Angeles. And now, we have the first teaser with actual footage from “A Deadly Adoption” to finally prove that the movie wasn’t an April Fool’s joke all along.

The video is only 20 seconds long, but it’s enough to tell that Ferrell and Wigg achieved their goal of making a Lifetime movie — with all its over-the-top drama.

“A Deadly Adoption” stars Ferrell, who’s also an executive producer, and Wiig as a married couple taking care of a pregnant woman (played by “90210’s” Jessica Lowndes), whose baby they plan to adopt. Clearly, complications ensue.

“A Deadly Adoption” premieres Saturday, June 20 on Lifetime.

Watch the teaser below:

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