'Full House' stars say Lifetime's unauthorised movie about them is 'just so bad'

Lifetime full house movie cast 1Scott Schafer/LifetimeLifetime’s ‘Unauthorised Full House Story’ didn’t get a thumbs up from the show’s real actors and producer.

Several of the stars of the original “Full House” decided to watch and give their opinions on Liftime’s behind-the-scenes movie.

Saturday’s “Unauthorised Full House Movie” dramatized the stars’ lives on and off the set of the 90’s hit, revealing lots of juicy nuggets, for example, that John Stamos wanted Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fired. Of course, we know now that they ended up being the most successful cast members of the show.

To the surprise of some viewers, the movie also showed that Candace Cameron Bure’s first audition wasn’t so good, the Olsen twins’ mum tried to pull them from the show as the ratings began to rise, and the guys did whippets together!

What did the show’s real stars think of the potrayal?

Cameron Bure had just a few words:


Apparently, the movie skipped Cameron Bure’s TV boyfriend Scott Weinger’s mind.

 Andrea Barber, who plays the girls’ best friend, Kimmi Gibler, joked about the movie first: