23 lifehacks to help you survive your NYC internship

You made it to New York City!

Summer internships in the Big Apple are really exciting, whether they’re in finance, media, or even in the arts.

But as the initial excitement starts to wear off, you might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Like, how are you supposed to work all day, feed yourself, do your laundry, and keep your apartment from turning into a complete disaster?

Business Insider is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 26 life hacks to get you through that summer internship.

Check them out:

And if your company doesn't offer you Seamless...

Eat24 homepage.

Try ordering from Eat24. The company was recently bought by Yelp and has a lot of restaurants that you'd also find on Seamless. Plus, they have a ton of weekend coupons.

Don't even try to doing laundry yourself.

Send it out instead.

If you live in a building that doesn't have a washer and dryer in-house (which is pretty common in NYC), the amount of time, effort, and money you will spend trekking to and from the laundromat, sack in hand, is simply not worth it.

In many neighbourhoods, it doesn't cost much more to pay your local laundromat to wash your clothes for you.

Or, try Fly Cleaners. They pick up your laundry, clean it, and drop it off for free if your order is over $US15, and they have a handy app.

Do not waste all your money at the gym.

Ghana's Sintim Joe Aboagye competes in the men's 85kg weightlifting competition at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi October 8, 2010.

$US200/month gym membership? Yeah no thanks.

But don't worry, if you want to keep on top of that Seamless belly, there are cheaper gyms out there.

Blink is actually owned by Equinox and has all the machines you'd ever need. They skimp on showers and classes, but who needs that anyway? Memberships range from $US15-$US25 a month and are monthly, so you won't get stuck paying for a full year while you're only here for the summer.

Planet Fitness is another good deal -- $US10/month for a single gym; $US20 for all-access and perks like tanning, guest privileges and massage chairs.

Or maybe the gym isn't your thing?

If you're up early enough, try The Rise NYC for free outdoor yoga, running and bootcamp classes starting around the city at 6:30 a.m.

Or check out Yoga to the People, which offers Vinyasa and hot yoga classes around the city. No fees, but donations of $US10/class are recommended.

Sign up for Groupon and Living Social -- and actually pay attention to their emails.

The two companies often offer deals for massages and manicures.

When you want to pamper yourself on a day that's not your birthday (and don't feel like spending $US500), try Groupon or Livingsocial. Both websites offer great deals daily for anything from spa treatments, helicoptor rides, to dance classes.

Stay in control of your budget.

Use Mint, a super handy app to keep on top of your budget. Among other things, they will help you manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score.

Get a phone charger case for when your battery inevitably fails.

The Trianium case on Amazon for iPhone 6

Try the Trianium case, which adds 100 per cent charge for your phone and lifetime warranty, or an external charger for multiple charges. The Anker 2nd gen Astro mini gives one full charge, or try the Anker 2nd gen Astro E5 for five to six charges.

You know about Uber. Now try Via.

Via's homepage.

At $US5 per pooled ride, Via is not a bad deal. The app has drivers going around the city from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., and will take you anywhere from 14th st to 110th.

Obviously it's a bit of a problem if you live outside of those boundaries, but otherwise, ride away.

Learn New York City like the back of your hand.

Time is money, so save some of it with an app that can figure the city out for you.

Route4me for Apple can help get you to a string of places, finding the fastest way of getting you from home, to work, the grocery store, laundromat, the bar, and back.

Find a free laugh.

Try Whiplash and put in an online reservation for the show at UCB Theatre, or Frantic, which shows Mondays at The Stand.

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