Life Of Cow That Went On A Rampage Hangs In The Balance


Photo: Image: PA Images/David Cheskin

THE FATE OF a cow who went on the rampage in a Co Clare town yesterday is in the hands of the Department of Agriculture.The cow escaped from the local mart in Ennis yesterday and attempts to get it under control resulted in mayhem and near-tramplings. One garda was knocked over by the animal and three men who tried to corner it were also hurt, the Irish Examiner reports.

ISPCA animal welfare officer Frankie Coote told that the cow was eventually put in a fenced field. He said:

The Department of Agriculture has been notified and they will have to decide what to do with her. She was there last night but I don’t know what’s happening with her yet.  

However, he said that he thought it likely that it would be decided to put the cow down because she is in such a wild state. Coote said a witness told him that she had been agitated even before she was taken out of her truck by her owner yesterday when they arrived at the mart.

My belief is the cow should be put down, should be put to sleep because she’s a danger and a danger to her owner.

The cow was agitated before the truck was opened. It was a miracle that nobody was seriously injured. The cow was gone absolutely ballistic. It wasn’t running away – it was going for people.  

The ISPCA officer said he has only witnessed such behaviour in a cow once before. He said there could be a number of reasons for it, including the possibility that she had recently had a calf.

The Department of Agriculture have not yet confirmed whether they have seen the cow.

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