Eight Ways Life Just Got Much Tougher For Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs In Queensland

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Tough laws which target outlaw motorcycle gang members were passed by Queensland in the early hours of this morning, after a marathon session in parliament which sat until nearly 3am.

After a series of incidents including a huge brawl on the Gold Coast, the state decided it had had enough.

One staffer in the QLD attorney general’s office told Business Insider today: “We don’t mess around up here.”

The laws are some of the toughest in Australia, for which Queensland’s Premier Campbell Newman made no apologies.

“I say this evening: take off your colours, get a real job, act like decent, law-abiding human beings, and become proper citizens in the state of Queensland and you won’t have to go to jail.”

Here is what’s in store now for outlaw motorcycle gang members in Queensland as a result of the Liberal government’s new measures:

They can have their bikes crushed

Imagine an object that you love. Now, imagine that thing being crushed as punishment for a crime. The laws mean Queensland can take bikers’ rides and then just smash it up. Take that.

They can’t own tattoo parlours

A new licencing regime makes it illegal for bikies to own tattoo parlours, which have been a major source of income for gangs.

There would be a special bikie-only prison, which sounds terrible

Under the proposed laws, outlaw bikers would be shipped off to a special facility which sounds a lot worse than normal jail.


It will house senior gang members, in a wing at Woodford Correctional Centre. Among some other strict conditions listed below, all their mail will be searched and censored if necessary, and they will only be allowed one hour of visiting time with family members per week.

There’s no television

Prisoners in the bikie facility will not — unlike inmates in the general prison population — be allowed to have television sets in their cells.

And there’s no gym.

What’s the point of being a bikie if you’re not a huge, scary guy with a leather jacket and a beard. The allure of motorcycle gangs may wear off if many are released from jail looking like gandalf with tattoos.

All their phone calls will be monitored in the jail, unless it’s with their lawyers

And you have to pay to talk to that guy.

There’s also new, tough mandatory sentences

Bikies who are convicted of a serious crime will be subject to 15 year prison terms, on top of the normal sentence they would have received.

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And Club office bearers will also get another 10 years in jail

Senior bikies such as club Sergeant-at-Arms will be subject to another decade on top of the 15 years, and will only get parole if they decide to cooperate with police, which they are not exactly known to do.

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