What Philadelphia Was Like In The Summer Of 1973

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Photo: Dick Swanson / U.S. National Archive

Dick Swanson is an award-winning photojournalist, whose career spans some 35 years, and whose work has brought him to about 40 countries.He was a Life Magazine photographer in Vietnam and Washington, DC, and he has covered events in Asia, Central America, Europe, the Eastern Bloc countries, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South Africa.

In the summer of 1973, Swanson photographed daily life in Philadelphia for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Documerica project.

Swanson captured scenes from the city centre and the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the row houses of the suburbs to the junk yards, and we are featuring a selection of this project here.

17th Street, Between H And I Streets, NW

Street Scene

Play Area Of A Housing Project In North Philadelphia

Street Gang Members

A Man Sits Silently On A Stoop Of An Abandoned North Philadelphia House

Boy In Back Alley In North Philadelphia

A Member Of A Street Gang In North Philadelphia

Black neighbourhood In North Philadelphia

Tree Grows In Philadelphia Junkyard

Stacked Cars In City Junkyard Will Be Used For Scrap

On Camera In A City Park

Mounted Policeman On Busy Downtown Thoroughfare

Row Houses


Row Houses In North Philadelphia


Housing Project In North Philadelphia

Railroad Switching Yards Just West Of centre City, Along The Schuykill Expressway

Schuykill Expressway (I-676) Speeds Traffic Between centre City And The Northern And Western Suburbs

Walt Whitman Bridge Crosses The Delaware River At South Philadelphia, Leads To New Jersey Suburbs

The Art Of Cooling Off Is Enthusiastically Pursued In The Fountains Of The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

From The Steps Of The Philadelphia Museum Of Art - Looking Down Benjamin Franklin Parkway Toward City Hall And centre City

On The Steps Of The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Cooling Off In One Of The Fountains Around The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

John F. Kennedy Plaza In centre City

Crossing The Painted Road Which Extends East From The Philadelphia Museum Of Art

View North From Swanson And Catherine Streets

Fountains Surrounding Philadelphia Museum Of Art Are Especially Popular In A Heat Wave

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