Dramatic Photos Show How Rough Life Is In Addis Ababa

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Photo: Lelt Foundation

Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilizations in existence but it has been a symbol of poverty, hunger and human struggle in modern times.The Lelt Foundation, a non-profit organisation that creates sustainable solutions for impoverished families in Addis Ababa, shared with us photos of what daily life is like in the Ethiopian capital.

While the country’s economy maintains 11% growth rate, and parts of its capital show signs of economic development with glossy high-rises and construction sites of condominiums, many neighborhoods of Addis Ababa remain below the poverty line.

Tin shacks alongside skyscrapers and dirt roads alongside city highways are still an integral part of Addis’s skyline.

Goats for sale, Addis Ababa

Shacks and condos, side by side

Mt Rushmore meets Africa, Bole Road, Addis Ababa

The Transporter

Hut living

Donkey Crossing at the Merkato

Going to school

Guard station at a government building in Kara Kore

Donkeys hauling water

Take the ladder up

Fruit shop handout

Tin town, Kolfe Shewa

Family in the impoverished neighbourhood of Kara Kora

Local Market, Kolfe Shewa

A backseat store, on the side of the road

At a school in Kara Kore with 4000 students


Mother and child at the Alert Hospital For Lepers

A woman carrying her weight in building materials for grass huts. Entoto Mountain, Addis Ababa

Addis taxi, Addis Ababa University

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