Life expectancy in Australia has hit a record high

Photo: iStock.

Life expectancy in Australia is at an all-time high.

New data released by the ABS reveals Australian girls are now expected to live to 84.5 and boys to 80.4, up from 83.3 and 78.5 a decade ago.

While women are still outliving men, improvements in male life expectancy have outpaced women’s in recent years.

Fifty years ago, life expectancy at birth in Australia was 67.6 years for males and 74.2 for females, a gap of 6.6 years. The gap has now narrowed to 4.1 years in 2013-2015.

Chart: ABS.

And it appears that those living in the Australian Capital Territory are expected to live longer than the rest of us, with both sexes estimated to live almost a full year longer than the Australian average.

By comparison, there are only five other countries worldwide where both males and females have a life expectancy over 80 years: Iceland, Israel, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

Chart: ABS.

See the full set of data from the ABS here.

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