How Colonel Qaddafi Accidentally Sent A Mob To Beat Up Korean Construction Workers

Khadafi Gaddafi

There was a riot last week in Libya. Nope, it wasn’t a food riot, nor a pro-democracy riot.

What happened was Colonel Qaddafi said in a speech that the houses and apartments being built by foreign construction companies belong to the Libyan people, who have a right to live in them.

Hundreds of Libyans took his words literally, reports the Joongang Daily:

Hundreds of Libyans descended on four Korean-run construction sites in the capital of Tripoli on Jan. 14 and 15, destroying heavy equipment, looting money and other valuables, and setting vehicles and other facilities on fire, according to company officials. One Korean construction worker was injured after being slugged in the face, according to media reports.

About 100 Libyans are still occupying one site and local police are trying to persuade them to leave.

Damages are estimated at $40 million. Korea is currently in talks with Libya to get reimbursement for the attacks, which suggests they were not planned by Qaddafi (and if they were, no one knows why).

Libyans also attacked Chinese, Turkish and Malaysian construction sites.

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