27 libraries to visit in your lifetime

Walker Library 1Jay WalkerThe Walker Library of the History of the Human Imagination is housed in Jay Walker’s Connecticut home.

Those who love a good book will agree that there’s nothing better than finding a spot to cosy up and read.

Sometimes that’s your couch, and sometimes that’s a quiet library brimming with great literature.

We’ve rounded up some of the best libraries around the world that offer not only an impressive collection of reading material, but also boast unique architecture.

From an 8th-century monastery in Switzerland to a library with hanging bookshelves in Mexico City, here are the libraries that every book worm should visit.

The Virgilio Barco Library in Bogotá, Colombia, was designed by well-known architect Rogelio Salmona and completed in 2001. The library has an open floor plan on the inside, and red brick, water pools, and lawns on the outside.

Thanks to philanthropist George Peabody, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, has a gorgeous library complete with a skylight and five stories that look down onto the black and white tiled bottom floor where students can find a quiet table to study.

Boasting such artifacts as an original Russian Sputnick and a 1699 atlas that was the first to show the sun as the center of the universe, the Walker Library of the History of the Human Imagination is as much museum as it is library. The library -- which is located in Jay Walker's private home in Ridgefield, Connecticut -- is particularly unique with floating platforms, multiple staircases, and special lighting and music.

The Clementinum National Library in Prague, Czech Republic, was founded in 1781 and has the largest collection of books in the country. It also houses personal items of historical figures such as Mozart and Tycho de Brahe.

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