Liberals Missed The Opportunity To Discuss Radical Islam At Peter King's Hearings

Peter King

Liberals complain that the hearings on American Muslims were a racist blame game. But they trashed anyone trying to tell the truth about the radicalization of Islam.

In the headlines, two minutes have defined the four-hour hearing of the House Homeland Protection Committee on radicalization of Muslim American community: Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison breaking down as he told the story of 9/11 Muslim paramedic, Mohammed Salman Hamdani, saying some people tried to “smear” Hamdani’s name before his remains were found, “solely because of his Islamic faith.” “Keith Ellison cries,” read a caption at conservative website, the Daily Caller. “Rep. Ellison breaks down during hearing,” read the Washington Post headline. “FEAR THY neighbour,” flashed on the screen as liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews played the Ellison video and took committee chairman Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) to task for bashing Muslims.

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