Dissident Liberal MPs say calling forward the leadership spill has drawn more support for it

Photo: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty.

Liberal members of parliament have criticised Tony Abbott for bringing forward the spill motion to Tuesday, with one member saying he has damaged his own case for retaining power with the decision.

Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos, a former adviser to John Howard, has told The Australian that he is disappointed with the decision as it puts pressure on the cabinet members by forcing them to vote earlier than expected.

He also confirmed with Sky News that he would support the spill motion.

Another MP has said the move would influence many to change their vote to supporting the spill motion.

“A lot of people who were going to vote against the spill motion will now vote for it because of this decision,” the MP told The Australian.

In the past Tony Abbott has been criticised by his party for making snap decisions without consulting his colleagues, a notion that Turnbull hinted on this morning by calling the announcement the “Captain’s call.”

He later added that should the spill go ahead, any member who contends the leadership wouldn’t be showing disloyalty.

“Any member of the party, can stand whether a minister or a backbencher, without any disloyalty to the person whose leadership has been declared vacant,” he said.

“The leadership of the Liberal Party is uniquely a gift of the party room as John Howard has said.”

Bishop remind tip-lipped about her feelings on the new spill date, only saying that she would be talking with her colleagues today about it.

“I think that we need to determine the outcome of this as soon as possible so that we can return to the focusing on the concerns of the Australian people,” she said.

“So I’m talking to my colleagues today and the party room will decide.”

It seems Luke Simpkins, the minister who proposed the spill on Friday, is one of the few supporting the Monday deadline, telling Sky News: it is a good thing to have to matter resolved tomorrow, it will just make it worse to drag the whole process out.

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