7 tweets Turnbull government MPs now probably regret from the era when Labor was falling apart

Cameron Spencer/Getty ImagesPhoto: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The tweets of Donald Trump, America’s first Twitter-first President, have become something of an ironic sport since he entered the White House.

There doesn’t seem to be an occasion when he doesn’t offer a view on the micro-blogging site that isn’t contradicted by something he previously said on Twitter, which his detractors delight in pointing out.

Now a decade old, Twitter was around during Labor’s Rudd-Gillard era, when the former leader and Prime Minister were locked in mortal combat to the glee of the Coalition opposition.

And boy did they have fun with it at the time, although now, five years later, the shoe is very much on the other foot.

Revenge is a dish best retweeted.

Here are some tweets Coalition MPs might be regretting today:

Leadership challenger Peter Dutton.

The current PM

The Treasurer

Nationals leader Michael McCormack

Former Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, who abandoned his support for the PM today

A Western Australian backbencher

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