Liam Neeson Earned 10 Times More For 'Taken 2' Than The Original Film

Liam Neeson

Photo: Getty

“Taken 2” has helped the box office return from its September slump earning nearly $50 million at theatres, so it would only make sense leading man Liam Neeson was paid a decent sum to return as retired CIA agent Bryan Mills. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Neeson received more than $10 million. That’s a pay boost of more than 10 times his million dollar salary for “Taken.” 

(Deadline is now reporting Neeson received $12 million upfront for the sequel and is set to receive even more.) 

How does that stack up to rival action stars Matt Damon and Jason Statham? 

Damon received a reported $10 million for his role in “The Bourne Identity” while “Transporter” star Jason Statham has been said to earn near $750,000 for the first film, according to Rotten Tomatoes

With Fox reportedly interested in “Taken 3” after the film’s massive performance at the box office opening weekend, THR believes Neeson could get upwards of $20 million to play Mills once more. 

That sounds about right considering Damon earned $26 million for his sequel “The Bourne Supremacy.” 

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