A Teenage Boy Became Instagram Famous For These Hilarious, Dead-On Impersonations Of Celebrities

Liam Martin Instagram / WaveriderTaylor Smith and Liam Martin

Liam Martin knows how to rock a wig a lot better than the average 17-year-old boy. The New Zealand teenagerhas won Instagram fameby hilariously recreating celebrity photos.

He’s impersonated everyone from Beyonce to Miley Cyrus, often using food or paper to construct his outfits. 

Right now, Martin has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers.

He posts about one photo a week...

...And each one will get hundreds of thousands of likes.

NBC just featured him on a recent Today Show episode.

He told the anchor that his mother and grandmother help him make take the pictures and put together his sometimes elaborate outfits.

The photo-shoot for this outfit took three hours, Martin told Mashable.

'All the money I get is spent on things for my photos,' he writes in one caption.

He made this outfit with Nutella, Tic-Tacs, almonds, bananas, and ramen noodle hair.

Scrolling through his feed, it's clear that Martin likes taking Miley Cyrus photos.

'The paparazzi won't leave us alone,' he writes.

He often ends his captions with 'Like if you cried.'

You can find more of his photos by checking out @waverider_ on Instagram.

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