Hollywood has gotten even worse at portraying LGBT characters, study says

Get Hard Warner Bros
‘Get Hard.’ Warner Bros.

Hollywood has always been bad at representing LGBT characters, but it looks like 2015 was a new low.

A study by GLAAD of 126 studio movies released in 2015 found that only 22 titles (17.5 per cent) had characters identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. And of those, 73 per cent gave less than 10 minutes of screen time to the LGBT character.

That measly 17.5 per cent is the same as in 2014. But what turned out to be worse in 2015 is those 22 titles that included LGBT characters had a historic low rating in the “Vito Russo test,” which is what GLAAD created to rate how an LGBT character is portrayed in a movie (character not solely defined by their sexual orientation, character tied to the plot, etc.).

Among the worst offenders in 2015 were two Kevin Hart movies, “Get Hard” and “The Wedding Ringer.” The study stated that the films “contain more blatant and incessant gay panic humour than we have seen in a Hollywood film in years.”

20th Century Fox, Lionsgate Entertainment, Sony Columbia Pictures, and Universal Pictures all received ratings of “Adequate,” while Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, and Warner Bros. all received a “Failing” grade for their portrayals of LGBT people.

No studio received a rating of “Good.”

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