LG just teased its new 5-camera smartphone less than a week before the official announcement

YouTube/LG Korea
  • LG released a video teasing its new LG V40 ThinQ smartphone with a triple-lens camera system.
  • The video also teases that the V40 ThinQ has a total of five cameras.
  • The video doesn’t reveal the functions of each lens.
  • LG will host an event on October 3 to fully reveal the LG V40 ThinQ and its features.

LG’s Korean YouTube channel and press site released a video and a press release on Thursday teasing the LG V40 ThinQ: a smartphone that comes with a total of five cameras, compared to the usual two or three.

Here it is:

Lg v40 thinqYouTube/LG Korea

The LG V40 ThinQ will have a triple camera system on the rear, but a specific scene in the video suggests there will be a total of five cameras, as shown below:

Lg v40 thinqYouTube/LG Korea

For the rear cameras, one lens will likely have the usual wide angle lens that most smartphones come with, and another is likely to come with an ultra-wide angle lens that’s become a signature feature on LG phones. The video doesn’t reveal what feature the third lens will have.

In its press release, LG says the V40 ThinQ will come with a 6.4-inch display, which is similar in size to the Galaxy Note 9. It will be available in three colours, including “Platinum Grey,” “Carmine Red,” and “Morokan Blue.” LG also says the V40 ThinQ will have a “silky” glass back and that the glass is scratch resistant.

To find out more, we’ll have to see what LG shows us during its October 3 event.

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