LG inadvertently leaked its next flagship smartphone

LG V30 leak (1)HITRECORD/Droid-LifeAn image of what appears to be the LG V30.

A series of images of what appears to be a finalised version of LG’s next flagship smartphone, the V30, is making the rounds on the Internet (we first saw them via Droid-Life).

The stills come from a video posted online by HITRECORD, an organisation — led by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt — which has collaborated with LG in the past to make promotional material for the Korean giant’s devices.

The video has now been removed, but the pictures show what is unmistakably a LG device, one of them with the phone lineup’s signature “V” on the back.

The phone’s rear also houses a dual camera setup (which was already present on the V20), a fingerprint scanner, and the glass curving towards the sides to help with ergonomics — not too dissimilar from Samsung’s most recent Galaxy S devices.

LG V30 leak (2)HITRECORD/Droid-LifeThe LG V30 will have a massive 6-inch ‘FullVision’ POLED display.

But the star of the handset is undoubtedly the front; LG already confirmed that its next flagship will sport a 6-inch, QHD FullVision (2880×1440 resolution, with a 2:1 aspect ratio), plastic organic light-emitting diode (POLED) display, and the screen grabs from HITRECORD’s video show it in all of the V30’s near-bezelless glory.

LG V30 leak (4)HITRECORD/Droid-LifeThe LG V30 will have a dual-camera setup; the viewfinder shows that, like past LG devices, the secondary rear eye will be used to create a shot with a larger field of view.

The LG V30 is set to be announced on August 31.

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