Watch LG Terrify Job Applicants Into Thinking Their Flat Screens Are Really Office Windows

What better way to demonstrate the life-like quality of your televisions than by using them to scare the bejesus out of people?

That’s what LG Chile did in a prankvertisement promoting its 82-inch “Ultra HD” TVs.

The commercial, which surfaced Monday on YouTube, shows the LG team rigging up the TVs to look like windows.

Then, they sat job applicants across from the televisions under the premise that they were being interviewed for a position with the company.

When the tranquil cityscape displayed on the televisions erupts into a series of explosions, hidden cameras capture the applicants’ outrageous reactions:

The stunt is not the first time advertisers have launched prankvertisements aimed at job applicants. LG has previously been accused of faking its stunts.

In February, we told you about a Heineken campaign in which the company subjected internship hopefuls to a variety of bizarre behaviours, ranging from excessive hand-holding to feigned medical emergencies.

That treatment pales in comparison to the comically austere accommodations Brussels ad agency Mortierbrigade told interns they’d be getting in the agency’s basement.

LG’s latest take on the genre seems to be a success. The video already has more than 500,000 views on YouTube.