LG’s First 3D Phone Will Show You Restaurants And Tweets Around You…In 3D

lg optimus 3d augmented reality browser wikitude

[credit provider=” via Gizmodo ” url=”http://gizmodo.com/5800318/augmented-reality-is-now-3d++on-lgs-optimus-3d-phone-anyway”]

When the LG Optimus 3D launches on AT&T later this year (as the Thrill 4G), it will have one killer app behind it.LG partnered with app-maker Wikitude to offer a 3D “augmented reality” world browser which will illuminate restaurants, tweets, landmarks, and more near you.

All you’ll need to do is hold up your phone in front of you, then spin in a circle to see what’s nearby. Little icons will represent points of interest, and will move on your screen based on which way you’re looking.

If you see something interesting, you can tap it to view a Wikipedia article about it, or even make a reservation. The app will include over 100 million points of interest around the world and will be in 12 languages from the get-go.

This concept has existed for a while now and there are plenty of apps doing this magic trick, but none of them do it in 3D except Nintendo 3DS games–which are actually incredibly fun.

And don’t worry. The Optimus 3D uses glasses-free 3D technology so you won’t look like silly while you’re using it.

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(Via Gizmodo)