Everything You Need To Know About LG's Brand-New Smartphone, The G2

LG unveiled its latest smartphone, the G2.

The consumer goods maker believes that its latest smartphone is revolutionary because the volume and power buttons have been moved from the side of the device to the back.

LG made this move to prevent you from dropping the phone. The company says it will also give you a more comfortable hold.

Believe it or not, the rear button isn’t nearly as obtrusive as we imagined. Its slim profile doesn’t get in the way.

We were able to get a hands on look at the smartphone today in New York.

The G2 has a high-def 1080p screen.

The edge-to-edge display's resolution measures: 1080 x 1920.

It's 5.2-inches across, which is significantly bigger than the iPhone 5.

In fact, the G2 makes the iPhone look puny.

Here's another shot of the iPhone 5 resting on top of the G2.

Here's that innovative back button. If you press up it will launch a memo app so you can quickly jot a note. Pressing down will launch the camera.

The G2 is pretty slim, it's only .35-inches thick.

There are no buttons anywhere else on the phone except the back. Even the Android buttons are built into the software.

Reading on the big screen is nice, and text is pretty clear.

LG has a ton of accessories to go with the G2. Particularly a case that lets you easily glance at the weather, time, and music without opening your phone.

Here's what the music controls look like with the cover closed.

The case is still a little wonky and cumbersome though.

LG also revealed special edition headphones called the Quadbeat 2. The Quadbeat 2's offer improved bass and a better way to manage peak sounds to prevent distortion. We assume these will come with the purchase of the phone.

The bezel is almost non-existent, which we like. The more screen real estate the better.

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