Here's Your First Look At LG's New Round-Faced Smartwatch

This week most of the consumer tech world is focused on the IFA conference in Berlin, which is where many big-name tech brands are gathering to unveil their newest phones, tablets, and smartwatches as we head into the holiday season.

LG has taken this opportunity to show off its newly announced G Watch R, which features a round watch face just like Motorola’s Moto 360.

When LG announced the watch last week, the company sent around rendered images that provide an idea of what the G Watch R would look like. Now that the watch has been on display at IFA, we’re seeing a bunch of new photos pop up on Twitter that show the real thing.

Here’s a closer look at what to expect from the G Watch R.

LG’s new watch will have a touchscreen that makes a complete circle, unlike the Moto 360, as shown in this photo tweeted by The Verge.

The G Watch R runs on Android Wear, Google’s new mobile operating system for wearable devices. It’s meant to provide information at a glance just like Google Now, as shown in the image tweeted by TGF Tech News.

It seems like the G Watch R will be pretty thick and clunky, based on the picture Android Chief tweeted.

Here’s how it could look on your wrist, as Engadget shows.

The G Watch R will launch on Oct. 14, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, but it’s unclear which markets will get it first. While LG hasn’t disclosed a price yet, the company told the Journal it will be more expensive than the $US230 standard G Watch.

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