LG Created A Flexible Display That Can Roll Up Like A Newspaper

LG Flexible Display

LG Display has created an 18-inch flexible OLED display that can be rolled up just like a newspaper.

The flexible panel has a resolution of 1200 x 810 pixels and can be rolled up into a tube-like shape with a radius of 3 cm.

While you can’t purchase the bendy display for yourself quite yet, the new display panel will act as precursor to future “rollable” TVs, according to TomsHardware.

“We are confident that by 2017, we will successfully develop an Ultra HD flexible and transparent OLED panel of more than 60 inches,” the company said in a press release.

Flexible displays have been around in smaller packages — Apple is even looking into the technology — but companies are still hammering out both the technology behind bendable displays and compelling uses for the panels.

While most people wouldn’t necessarily want to carry around a traditional newspaper-sized display, a rolled-up version could be easily stowed. This opens up some interesting possibilities for digital artists or those looking for a larger display for personal presentations when on the road. It could also be used to make smartphone displays that are more durable and less likely to crack.