LG invented a crazy new double-sided TV

Imagine a TV that allows you to get a full view of what’s happening no matter where you are in the room — even if you’re behind the television.

That’s exactly what LG has invented, as it’s just shown off a super slim double-sided OLED TV, according to multiple reports including this one from Mashable. 

The TV comes in two sizes: a massive 111-inch version and a smaller 55-inch model. The company showcased both models at the recent IFA technology conference in Berlin.

Don’t count on buying one of these just yet — the new double-sided TVs are in a prototype phase, so there’s no telling exactly when we’ll see it come to market. It seems like it would be especially useful in commercial settings, such as shopping malls, where ads could be displayed on both sides of the screen to reach shoppers from all angles.

This isn’t the first unconventional TV LG has shown off in recent months. Back in May, the company flaunted a super bendable TV screen that can be mounted on a wall just like wallpaper. 

Check out the video below from YouTube channel Scholar Crow.


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