People are rallying around this hashtag after a 'terrorist incident' at a London underground station

Following a terrorist incident at a London underground station — in which three people were stabbed by a man reportedly screaming “this is for Syria” — people have rallied around the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv.

It started trending after a man was filmed telling the suspected attacker — who was still being questioned by police on Sunday morning — “you ain’t no Muslim bruv.”

The hashtag quickly became the top trend across the UK with numerous Twitter users responding to news of the shocking incident at Leytonstone Station in east London.

Here are just some of the many tweets:









 This user was not so impressed:

The terror alert in Britain remains “severe,” meaning an attack is considered highly likely by security services.

Last week MPs voted to extend RAF air strikes on Islamic State militants in Iraq to Syria, home of the terror groups self-declared capital Raqqa.

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