Lexus Lights Up The Kuala Lumpur Skyline With Stunt Men [THE BRIEF]

Lexus used LED light suits and a number of stunt men for its “Amazing in Motion” campaign to light up the Kuala Lumpur skyline. The ad could only be shot at night and required a team of 40 expert engineers to make it look like one man was running across the skyline.

Google helps ABC promote its new show ‘Rising Star’ on the masthead of websites like Rolling Stone, US Weekly, and Men’s Journal using Google’s private programmatic exchanges.

A poll from Second Wind shows one in four U.S. based agencies feel that digital-only agencies are necessary, according to Media Post.

Virgin Atlantic showed off its new uniforms designed by British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. The new outfits are an attempt to modernize the airline’s image and create a more tailored look for staff members.

American Apparel apologized for posting an image of the Challenger explosion on its Tumblr page, blaming a young employee for the incident.

Ad Age takes a look at the Adidas headquarters in Rio during the World Cup to see how the company is running its social media campaign during the month-long tournament.

Peeps, the marshmallow holiday candy company, is launching a new 365-day campaign in which it will celebrate some of the most obscure holidays, including Bikini Day and World UFO Day. The social media-based campaign is working to make the candy a year round treat, rather than just an Easter product.

The New York Times looks at Twitter‘s ad team under Adam Bain, Twitter’s global president of revenue and partnerships. Under Bain the company began using sponsored tweets and video clips, helping Twitter to become a profitable social media company.

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