This Over-The-Top Armoured Van Is A Luxurious Way To Get Around In Safety

Lexani motorcars luxury armoured vanYouTube/Lexani MotorcarsInside Lexani’s luxury Reale van.

We’ve seen
plenty of armoured cars, but the armoured van is a rarer bird.

That’s strange, because for wealthy customers who want to be safe and ride in luxury, a van offers so much more space.

For proof, look no further than Lexani Motorcars’ Reale, a fully customised Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter.

Not only is the outside armoured, the inside is packed with features that could have been lifted from a private jet.

Huge leather seats, a 3D television, a gold plated sink in a fancy bathroom, and more make this the sweetest, safest way to roll.

According to the Daily Mail, pricing is only available for serious customers, on request.

Here's what the Mercedes Sprinter van looks like in regular use.

And here's what Lexani did with the interior.

There are basic cooking tools.

Passengers can enjoy an espresso while knowing they're completely safe.

And then the coffee maker can be hidden away.

There's room for enormous bottles of wine.

The huge television takes up most of the back wall.

And it's 3D.

There are multiple smaller screens, too.

Obviously, the seats are all covered in leather.

Even the seat controls look fancy.

How many vans have bathrooms this nice?

The fanciest thing in the Lexani van may be the sink: It's gold plated.

Here's a bigger, even fancier way to get around.

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