This Lavish Custom Cadillac Escalade Is Basically A Home Theatre On Wheels

Concept One Curve Cadillac Escalade Lexani MotorcarsThe exterior of the Curve remains largely the same as a regular Cadillac Escalade, but note the satellite receiver on the car’s roof.

Lexani Motorcars is a bespoke automotive conversion company known for transforming luxury cars, taking them to the next level. And they have really outdone themselves this time.

The newest, the Concept One “Curve,” is largely a typical Cadillac Escalade — except the entire passenger compartment has been completely gutted.

In its place are two custom European leather power chairs and a vast suite of the latest in consumer technology. Lexani has also added a higher ceiling with ambient LED lighting, 24k gold-plated hardware, hardwood accents, and a 48-inch 4k curved smart TV, no doubt making the Curve one of the most luxurious SUVs on the planet.

Concept One CurveLexani MotorcarsThe 48-inch curved TV is where the concept gets its name.

That huge TV is conveniently mounted on the partition between the driver and the passenger. Combine it with the plush chairs and the electronic curtains that completely block out the outside world, and the car’s interior instantly becomes comparable to any luxurious home theatre.

This is likely a godsend for the exec who wishes to just sit back and let their driver take them to their destination while they catch up on “Game of Thrones” (the car is equipped with a TracVision Satellite, so they will have access to satellite-based TV whenever they can see the sky).

But if you don’t want to retreat into a plush armoured cocoon, you can also lower the screen at the touch of a button.

The TV doesn’t even scratch the surface of the gadgetry in this over-the-top Caddy, as the Curve is also fully equipped to handle all the needs of a mobile office.

It’s got an iPad Air 2, a Mac Mini, video conferencing tech, WiFi, “airline style” tables that fold out, and can even be equipped with a printer, copier, and fax machine.

All of the car’s tech can be controlled with the touchscreen center console, including the exterior cameras that show what’s going on outside the vehicle.

Concept one curveLexani MotorcarsAll of the car’s tech can be controlled with the touchscreen center console.

Check out more of the car’s bonkers interior in the pictures below.

Concept One Curve 1 jump seats allow for visitors in the luxurious main compartment.
Lexani MotorcarsThe driver’s compartment is nearly as lavish as the rest of the vehicle.
Concept One CurveLexani MotorcarsThe entire passenger compartment has been ripped out and replaced with two custom European leather power chairs.

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