Take a look inside one of Levi’s new futuristic stores, offering an ‘endless aisle’ experience and a tailor shop where customers can customise clothes

Levi’s just opened its first NextGen store in North America. Levi’s
  • Levi’s is opening more of its NextGen stores in the US.
  • The locations prioritise customisation and the company’s digital capabilities.
  • Levi’s plans to open about 100 new small-format stores over the next few years, and some of those will be NextGen stores, according to the company.
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Levi’s is reimagining its stores for the future of retail.

The apparel maker just opened the first North American location of its NextGen stores — focused on customisation and digital capabilities — at the Stanford Shopping Centre in Palo Alto, California.

The NextGen stores have “Tailor Shops” where shoppers can customise T-shirts and denim, new fitting rooms promising an “endless aisle” experience, and plenty of digital signage throughout.

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Keeping safety top of mind as the coronavirus pandemic continues, the new stores also offer curbside pickup, personal shopping appointments, and buy-online-pickup-in-stores capabilities.

The denim brand plans to open about 100 new small-format stores over the next several years, some of which will be NextGen stores.

Take a look inside the Palo Alto NextGen store:

The NextGen stores are meant to be more open than the typical Levi’s store, with bolder designs.


Digital signage is situated throughout the store, providing shoppers information about the available fits and styles.


At the Tailor Shop, shoppers can get clothing customised, altered, or repaired. During the company’s earnings call on October 6, CEO Chip Bergh said that Gen Z — which prioritises individuality and sustainability — is an important demo for Levi’s.


Source: Levi’s

Customers can choose to work directly with a tailor on their creations.


The fitting rooms are meant to be more open than those found at a typical store. They also offer what Levi’s calls an “endless aisle” experience, meaning that shoppers can try on items in their size and then place an order for it even if the store does not carry full inventory of that particular fit or style.


In addition to the Palo Alto location, Levi’s has opened NextGen stores in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona, in the US. The first NextGen store opened in Shanghai last month.