Keith Olbermann Reveals He Never Got Permission From MSNBC To Use The Name ‘Countdown’

Keith Olbermann appeared on David Letterman last night ahead of the launch of his new Current TV show ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’ next month.

When asked about the nature of his departure from MSNBC Olby noted “Some people have said I did not burn the bridges, I have napalmed them.  My argument was I did not burn the bridges I burned the rivers.  But I am appreciative you brought this up, I’ve had nine full-time employers in my life and three of them have hired me back.”

He also reveald that he never asked MSNBC for permission to reuse the name ‘Countdown’: “We just sort of did it.  We’ll hear from them if they’re not happy with it, I think.  It’s a fairly generic name.”

Presumably if they haven’t heard from MSNBC yet they are likely in the clear….maybe MSNBC is simply happy enough to be done with it.  Video below.