Letterman In Last-Ditch WGA Talks

For all the talk of latenight hosts returning without their writers, David Letterman still believes the Writers Guild of America will sign an interim deal by Jan. 2, the date he wants to return to the air.

“Late Show” executive producer Rob Burnett is in talks today with the WGA to try to hammer out a last-minute accord.

“We are meeting with the Writer’s Guild on Friday to discuss an interim agreement for Worldwide Pants.¬†With the WGA now embracing a strategy of offering interim agreements to individual companies, it is inconceivable to us that there is any producing entity more deserving than Worldwide Pants, which has been and continues to be a staunch supporter of the Writer’s Guild and its positions.”

If he reaches a deal, it increases the chance he’ll land some big-time stars. With his writers on board, he might even have a shot at beating Leno.

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