The CEO Of A Billion-Dollar Tech Company Had The Perfect Tweet After It Got Exposed For Being A Fraud

Let's Gowex signREUTERS/Juan MedinaA sign advertising Spanish wireless networks provider Gowex is next to a tourist bus in Madrid July 6, 2014. Gowex said on Sunday it would file for bankruptcy and its Chief Executive Officer and founder Jenaro Garcia Martin had resigned after admitting he had reported false accounts for at least the last four years.

Let’s Gowex, a billion-dollar company that provided free WiFi services, went out of business over the weekend.

On July 4, a few days after Gotham City Research published a scathing report calling Let’s Gowex’s revenues fraudulent, its CEO Jenaro Garcia on Twitter said, “Gooooood morning Madrid!! Perfect morning to go jogging”

One day later, Garcia admitted to the company’s board that some of its financials were falsified and announced his resignation. On Twitter, Garcia simply responded, “I apologise to everyone. Sorry wholeheartedly.”

A few hours after that tweet, Garcia tweeted, “I made my voluntary confession in court I’m willing to take the consequences and work with things I face justice”

Garcia added, “I made the deposition and confession. I want to Collaborate With the justice. I face the consecuencies.”

As of 9 a.m. EDT, Garcia’s tweets were still up, with his avatar featuring Garcia with former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and his profile still listing him as the founder and CEO of Let’s Gowex. His profile also said, “Working in the new BIG THING.”

Not anymore.

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