Let's Get Misogynist: Redfoo's Repugnant New Song Tells Women To 'Shut The F#*k Up'

Redfoo offers a class in etiquette and how you speak to women in his latest song clip. Source: Youtube screenshot

At 39, The X Factor judge Redfoo is old enough to have teenage daughters who, like my children, would be listening to his smash hit song “Let’s Get Ridiculous”.

But this dad is hoping my kids don’t hear his new song, “I Can’t Literally”, which has a chorus that tells women to “shut the f*#k up” when they refuse to drink shots and go “girl-on-girl”.

The song is credited to Play-N-Skillz, and is released on Redfoo’s record label. He has a writing co-credit.

The video clip plays on sorority campus life, with the boys in STFU jackets, the girls in Legally Blonde white, pink and pearls.

Here’s the synopsis from the Youtube clip:

The #LIC sorority sisters who strictly abide by their “Literally I Can’t” mantra reluctantly show up at the #STFU frat house to show face at the hottest party on campus. Unable to resist what the boys have to offer, they’re transformed one at a time into girls gone wild until the only one left standing is the uptight president who’s forced out of the party.

Here’s my synopsis: It’s nasty. It’s abusive. It’s deeply, utterly misogynist.

It also has many accusing Stefan Kendal Gordy, aka Redfoo, of endorsing an abhorrent culture in university campuses which has become a focus of much public debate in the US and in Australia.

He disagrees:

But if you know the slightest bit about the fierce debate raging in the USA over sexual assaults on college campuses this year, which went all the way up to President Obama, you’d know this song is more WTF than STFU.

When women are being plied with alcohol, then assaulted, hearing the lyrics “A shot of vodka? I can’t. Tequila? I can’t. After party? I can’t. Girl-on-girl? I can’t… Oh my god. Shut the f#*k up!” are what counsellors call a trigger.

The implication of the video is that women who say no are going to get what they deserve.

And then it gets worse, as Redfoo raps “You got a big ol’ butt, I can tell by the way you walkin’. But you an annoying [rhyme missing], because you’re talking.”

When some suggested what the missing – and perhaps obvious – word might be, Redfoo took to Twitter to defend himself.

OK, that point to the guy in the glasses with fuzzy hair, but here’s what he goes on to crap. I mean, rap.

Girls on the pogo. Jump on the jackhammer.

Get low, low, low, while I Instagram ya.

Shh. Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Work it and twerk it. And maybe I’ll tweet about it…

I said jump on the pole. I didn’t mean your opinion.

Girl, I’m sipping on this drink, trying to see what you got, not trying to hear what you think.

Um, hello? Anyone who’s heard about the Skype sex scandal at the Australian Defence Force Academy is all too well aware of how some men use social media against women.

And just in case you think there’s any ambiguity in the allusions, as one of Redfoo’s campus buddies raps “I don’t wanna hear no”, the clip’s visual is a smartphone with Redtube, which isn’t a Redfoo extension brand, but rather a porn video website.

As the video ends, Redfoo and three of his mates surround the prim blonde woman who’s said “Literally, I can’t” and, invading her space, scream at her face “Shut the f*#k up!”

It’s intimidating and awful and in an era when so many men after fighting hard to prevent abuse against women, it sends chills through me.

This song has been labelled the worst track of 2014. It’s worse than that. It’s nothing less than a misogynist rant.

Redfoo disagrees. Apparently he’s the victim here.

Perhaps I should claim what I’ve just written is satire. But in the meantime, Redfoo, why don’t you and your mates just shut the hell up?

EDITOR’S NOTE: When I wrote this post yesterday, I embedded the video with a note that readers can watch it so “you can make up your own mind”.

Redfoo’s only solution to the growing controversy around him is to disable the embed feature on the clip. It’s still there. He’s unrepentant. You can watch it here, but a warning, it’s NSFW.

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