TripBirds Creates personalised Travel Itineraries Based On Friends' Social Media Posts

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Every day brings another awesome new website.Today, there’s a new website for travel.

TripBirds, brought to our attention by Mashable, aggregates information from your friends’ social media posts from Instagram, FourSquare and Facebook in order to create a personalised travel guide to your intended destination.

Basically, any information that’s geotagged (i.e.”checking in” at Westminster Abbey via FourSquare) will be pulled from your friend’s feeds, with their permission, and compiled into a personally-recommended guide to London … or Paris. Or Rome. Or Barcelona.

TripBirds will also make it easy to identify friends who have already visited your city or country of choice, narrowing down the pool of people who receive your desperate “What on earth can I do in Laos?” emails.

Besides the fact that it saves us money on outdated guidebooks and time spent figuring out which friends have or haven’t visited East Asia, we love the idea of creating our own, friend-vetted trip. Now, all we need is some time to travel …

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