Let The Violent South Carolina Primary Clichés Begin!

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[credit provider=”Courtesy of The Daily Show” url=”http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-december-12-2011/indecision-2012—abc-news-gop-debate”]

The South Carolina primary is nearly a week away. You know what that means: time for some really dramatic characterizations of South Carolina politics to dominate media coverage.

Just how ruthless, horrible, and cruel is the South Carolina primary? It’s something like a cross between Ultimate Fighting Champion and the gladiator games, if you ask most journalists.What they mean, of course, is that there are going to be a lot of negative ads, whisper campaigns, and nasty sound bites. There won’t really be any fist fights or gun violence. Probably.

But that doesn’t make for a good story. Here are the grizzliest headlines I’ve seen so far:

  • In South Carolina, politics is a blood sport
  • South Carolina Primary Holds ‘Bloody Mess’ For Mitt Romney After Big New Hampshire Win
  • ‘Down And Dirty,’ South Carolina Has History Of Quashing Challengers
  • Candidates head South, with brass knuckles
  • Get Romney: Republican rivals prepare for ‘bare knuckle’ fight with frontrunner
  • GOP prepares for a bruising South Carolina primary campaign
  • Candidates Brace for Brawl in South Carolina
  • SC campaigns: Nasty, dark, dirty, ugly, sleazy, bloody, vicious
  • On to South Carolina: The Nastiest Primary State
  • ‘Battle Royale’ Begins For South Carolina Voters
  • A bitter fight shaping up in ‘mean’ South Carolina
  • Republicans head to South Carolina, guns blazing

So get ready for the battle of the century. There’s only one winner in South Carolina. The rest may be dead.