Let HireIQ Be Part Of Your Next Hiring Process

If you’re a business owner or part of a business team, you know that hiring and employee turnover can be costly.   You know what types of people would be successful in your organisation and what types wouldn’t.  The process to bring someone in to fit with the team is a daunting task because there’s so much required to make it all happen.   When you’re trying to hire someone new, you need help and now there’s help available that will really help you with the process.   Take a look at HireIQ and you’ll find what you’ve been looking for in that help you’ve needed to get a new person into the doors.

HireIQ uses internet cloud technology and rolls in the best candidate interviewing and recruiting software available to bring you a great set of tools for your business.  With reasonable starter packages, you can have your business using this collaboration software in no time and pull your hiring process into the 21st century.   It’s easy to configure, easy to invite a large pool of candidate to interview, and easy to get a team of interviewers signed up and ready to collaborate.   

Here’s how it works.   Pick a number of interviewers, ideally from your office, and then have them sign up and setup their accounts.   They can create interview questions and keep them posted in a library for everyone to choose from.  Send e-mail invitations to potential hiring candidates to log in and answer a set of interview questions, leave voice responses to those questions and create a candidate profile.   Candidates can complete the interview when it’s convenient for them and recruiters can review those responses as their schedule allows.  Recruiters no longer have to spend their day making unproductive phone calls in an attempt to conduct a phone interview with a candidate.

You decide what factors move candidates from one level to another level, let other interviewers collaborate to add comments, and do all the screening online so that you’re not consuming everyone’s workday.   This way your hiring team can screen candidates at their own individual pace, giving time to each potential candidate as they see fit.    There’s no need to tie up your interview team with days of screening and interviewing.   Instead, you can have potential candidates log in and apply for a position, answer questions and leave voicemail recordings, answering those questions that you need to hear.   This allows your team to easily screen out candidates who can’t communicate as well as you need and also screens out candidates that can’t complete questionnaires or don’t fit the profile you’re seeking.  There’s a need in today’s business world to use technology to make your life easier, and with HireIQ you can take advantage of recruiting software to make everyone’s lives easier.